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Sunday March 11th is exactly two years to the day since Andrew Adonis announced HS2.  The arguments against HS2 are getting stronger and opponents more widespread, but the government seem determined to push on with the gargantuan white elephant.

For an update of the current situation, please see http://stophs2.org/news/4815-stop-hs2-what-happens-next

MARCH IN MARCH to mark the second anniversary of the HS2 announcement – see below

Stop HS2 Urgent Appeal

Judicial Review appeal for funds.

A Judicial Review can still stop HS2.

We need to act now. Money is needed urgently to fund this legal action.

The planned Judicial Review, funded by action groups opposed to HS2, will challenge the government on the grounds that HS2 is in breach of the law regarding the environment and habitat.

Together with HS2AA and other action groups, StopHS2 is committed to raising the required funds.

Please give generously for this critical legal fight. Donations are needed now.

Don’t forget…Judicial Review stopped the 3rd runway at Heathrow at the 11th hour. Judicial Review can still stop HS2.
Legal advice gives us confidence that the Judicial Review can succeed.  We believe it offers the best chance of getting the Government to reassess HS2 and the chosen route as part of a proper enquiry into the country’s strategic transport needs.

Stop HS2 are seeking funds to contribute to the action groups’ legal challenge. This is a critical point in the campaign and we need to raise a substantial sum of money. By law, if we are to challenge the Government’s decisions about HS2, we have to do so now.

Please help if you can, by sending a cheque for whatever you can afford, made out to STOP HS2 c/o Roger Waller, Treasurer, The Outlook, Dunsmore, Nr Wendover, Buckinghamshire HP22 6QJ or  direct to Lloyds TSB Bank plc (account number: 34934760, sort code: 30-94-93) in the name of STOP HS2 LIMITED


This month, action groups are holding ‘March in March’ to mark the second anniversary of the HS2 announcement.

10th March: Aylesbury, a walk starting at 10am in Old Risborough Road, Stoke Manderville, Nr Aylesbury.
11th March:  Cubbington, a set of walks starting at The Crown at 10.45
Kenilworth Greenway to Burton Green, different walks, starting at Stoneleigh Village Club (11am), The Engine, Kenilworth (12.30) and The Brickmakers Arms, Berkswell (12.30).
18th March: walks around Perivale Wood in Ealing from 4pm prior to a public meeting at 5pm
25th March: a walk in starting at the Denham Country Park Centre at 11am.

More details http://stophs2.org/events where you can also find sponsorship forms.
If you can organise another walk, please let us know the details, and we’ll add it to the list.

Thank you for everything you’ve done over the last two years: with your continued support, and working together, we can defeat HS2.

Penny, Joe and Roger

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  1. John Morris says:

    Please enlighten me. How many Tamworth residents do you think live within, say, half a mile of the proposed route? Of those, how many are already next to major road or motorway which will eclipse noise or visual impairment? If you are touting for funding from them, you should be pretty specific about what the impacts would be. Otherwise you will frighten the great majority who will not be affected. You should also be aware that you could be accused of soliciting money under false assumptions….

  2. Please join our support group for sharing photos etc. of what is affected by HS2. “This site is for victims of HS2 to upload photographs and information about what the Government is asking us to sacrifice for the all new High Speed Rail link. You can view the Department of Transport Route Maps here http://www.dft.gov.uk/publications/...
    This is not a discussion site and members have to apply to join in order to prevent malicious posts.
    Please use this group to post as many photographs as you can of homes, business, community assets etc. that are at risk in order that we can share this information with the country and the media.
    Please do not quote your exact address to protect your privacy but do tell us the rough location on the line.
    Please do use the group to express your feelings about the impact on you and your communities.”

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