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A 1000 letters carry more weight than a 1000 emails, or 1000 petition signatures because it is harder to deal with them, you can’t just delete it or file it easily and in many cases they have to be responded to.


To help get the ball rolling we have created a standard letter format with all the key points covered for you to “top and tail” with your information, you can find this template in the “Letter Templates” tab.

In addition to this we have added a “Contacts for Complaint” tab to give you the relevant individuals you should address your letters to.

Simply copy and paste the letter content into your word processors and update the information highlighted in red.

It will take you 20 minutes, tops, to produce the letters to the 5 contacts and you will even have time for a cuppa, virtual biscuits not included.

Please feel free to pen your own version and express your feelings and circumstances, the template is for guidance.

Take a little time and make a difference


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