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Stop The HS2 Beacons

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A beacon will be lit at Packington Moor, near Lichfield, at 6pm on Monday 28th February, as part of a co-ordinated protest against the proposed high speed train link known as HS2 and you are invited to be a part … Continue reading

Conservative donors rebel against high speed rail link

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By Melissa Kite David Cameron is under fire from senior Tory donors, some of whom have threatened to withdraw funding if a proposed high speed rail link through the English countryside goes ahead. When David Cameron decided to back Labour … Continue reading

Ministers threaten revolt over high-speed rail link

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By Andrew Gilligan A further two ministers have said they are strongly opposed to the link and two more have expressed reservations. Many backbenchers of all parties, plus the Speaker, John Bercow, have also pledged to fight the plan. The … Continue reading

Speed isn’t Green

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The following has been produced using an audio file of Joe Rukin’s presentation to the Parliamentary Lobby Day on 25th October and his slides: it is not a word-for-word transcription, but captures the spirit and some details of his presentation. … Continue reading

So what might the HS2 look like?

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So is it just a train line ? What is the big deal ? High speed rail takes many different forms and one is to elevate the track, below is an image of what this solution may look like on … Continue reading

Overcrowding on Trains ?

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The report from the Public Accounts Committee on Increasing Passenger Rail Capacity is available for download.  It’s interesting reading, if you like that sort of thing.  But just in case you don’t, we read it for you. It raises many … Continue reading

Typewriters ready !

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A 1000 letters carry more weight than a 1000 emails, or 1000 petition signatures because it is harder to deal with them, you can’t just delete it or file it easily and in many cases they have to be responded … Continue reading

High Speed Rail at Mile Oak

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There is a proposal to put the High Speed Rail line (HS2) at Mile Oak on the “TAMWORTH ROUTE”. The proposal will see the line at least 40 ft above the brook between Bourne nursery and Mile Oak. It would … Continue reading

What is the HS2

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On 11th March 2010, the outgoing Labour Government announced plans for a High Speed Rail (HS2) link from London Euston to Birmingham. It was reported then that it would cost £11bn, but that figure was 6 years out of date. … Continue reading