High Speed Rail at Mile Oak

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There is a proposal to put the High Speed Rail line (HS2) at Mile Oak on the


The proposal will see the line at least 40 ft above the brook between Bourne nursery and Mile Oak.

It would continue towards  Hopwas on a massive embankment until reaching Hopwas Woods which it will damage.

It would then go to Whittington.

This will be a highly visible and noisy rail line and it will scar the Tamworth landscape. It would be a massive intrusion due to crossing the high ground over Hopwas Hill.

If this happens:

  •         Your property will be blighted
  •         You will probably not be able to sell it until after HS2 is completed
  •         It will be worth less money
  •         You will probably not get full compensation until 2024-26
  •         You will see it
  •         You will definitely HEAR it
  • The route decision will be made before Christmas. If you want to be kept informed or to get more information register by email at: stop.hs2.tamworthroute.co.uk  

    If you want to object please send emails/letters to your MP : Christopherpincher.mp@parliament.co.uk

    Christopher Pincher MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

    And to Philip Hammond MP , Secretary of State for Transport: Philip.hammond@dft.gsi.gov.uk

    Philip Hammond MP , Secretary of State for Transport,Department of Transport,Great Minster House,76 Marsham Street, London,SW1P 4DR

    If you want to object or make a difference you must act now before the final route decision is made.

    3 Responses to High Speed Rail at Mile Oak

    1. Cyril Preece says:

      HS2 is purely a commuter train. So who are the major commuters? Very many of the commuters are those who lived in London who sold their property at the top of the boom, bought oustide giving themselves a huge cash profit, chose to cimmute in order to maintain their London waiting salary. A high proportion of their ticket prices are paid by their emplyers in the form of season tickets.

      We do not need the HS2 in order to keep pace with our European neighbours. Taking Spain and France for example, their sqaure mileage is far greater than the UK with far greater distances between major centres. They also have less population and far more open spac than the UK causing far less disruption.

      As for any economic benefit, the Study in Spain and France concluded that only the primate – main – hub i.e Barcelona and Paris derived any economice benefit.

      The nonsense of removing traffic from motorways is exactly that. Their are over 30 million cars on the road surprisingly not all of the travelling between Birmingham and London – these must be very big trains to make any kind of difference.

      For me to use HS2 I would have to get in the car travel down the congested M42 try and park somewhere then take out a mortgage to pay for a ticket – meanwhile my quality of life has been destroyed.

      Were the politicians disadvantaged as children? Did they not have a train set to play with? Here we are not dealing with papier mach tunnels, painted card for scenery and the little plastiv animals and figures are now real.

      We have the basis of a very good rail network that , due to lack of funding has been lagging behind our Europen neighbours for decades. I would get out of my car as would many others if we could for example visit our great aunt in Warwick by using train / tram and bus using a reliable, clean safe integrated transport system.

      We need to get this nonsense stopped.

    2. Alison says:

      I missed the meeting at the Coton & Hopwas Social Club last night regarding the H2 Tamworth Route plans. Can someone please update me on the outcome of the meeting or point me in the direction of someone I can speak to to find out what happened at the meeting?


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