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Help us urge the Government to rethink the HS2 proposal for High Speed Rail through Staffordshire, lets work together and protect our beautiful county. Stage one will cost over £25,500,000,000, or over 2.8% of our ‘generational’ national debt. 

On 11th March 2010, the outgoing Labour Government announced plans for a High Speed Rail (HS2) link from London Euston to Birmingham. It was reported then that it would cost £11bn, but that figure was 6 years out of date. On the same day you could have got information from the Department for Transport which put the cost at £17.4bn or from HS2 Ltd, which put it at £25.5bn, or 2.8% of our generational national debt (based on a total national debt estimate of £916.6bn).

Despite all the cuts we will face as a nation, and the fact the new Prime Minister has stated that “things are worse than we thought”, the Coalition Government still want to go ahead with HS2 and even extend it to link with Heathrow and HS1, meaning it will cost even more than the current £160 million per mile.

The business case assumes three times the number of passengers carried by the West Coast Mainline (45,000 increasing to 146,000 per day), despite there has been no increase in long-distance train travel since 1995 and the only increase has been on discounted fares.

This also ignores the fact that in 15 years time when it is scheduled to be ready, people will need to travel for work less, as who knows what we will have in terms of internet connections and video conferencing.

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  1. Janet Watson says:

    We don’t need this link. As a country we are nearly bankrupt. Our retirement age has just increased – most people in “regular jobs” don’t want to/will not be unable to work in their present jobs until they are in there mid sixties.

    We can not care for our old people. We can not educate all our young people in suitable school buildings. The list of things we can’t do is endless.

    Wake up and smell the coffee SCRAP THIS PLAN NOW.

  2. Well done for producing such a good site in such short a time scale.

  3. Lorraine Howell says:

    STOP HS2! What a travesty and waste of money and totally spoiling huge areas of the countryside and people’s quality of life! We are in enormous debt and are making devestating cuts in many areas yet are being ‘railraoded’ by the polititians who appear to be in agreement that this will be a valuable resource – to who??????????????
    The average British Citizen will have no benefits at all, only upset as the scenery is scarred across a vast area of our lovely countryside.
    Its time to listen to the voice of the people, but unfortunately many are unaware of the extent of the project and its effects.

    If there is a supply of money available – why not improve the existing railways that will benefit all rail users and encourage more travellers to go by train, being able to stop at stations around the country and at safe speeds.

  4. The WCML is going to be upgraded and will be soon full. So if we want to go by train in about 10 years what are we going to do. We need HS2

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